Friday, January 11, 2013

WP8: A Wonderful mobile OS

If you want Windows Phone 8 mobile. I found an interesting review. I advice you to read it before making a decision. It is a neutral review. Please click here. It was written by contact author Brad McCarty published on 22nd December 2012. It is his hands on experience with HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920. 

I am looking for good phone for me, Good means to me is; It should be in my budget and in that budget I need not to compromise for the feature. Of course it should be reliable. In purely Indian way; I need a sasta, sunder tikau phone. So iPhone is not my cup of tea though it is awesome or whatever. 

I tried my hands on Android, it has limitation. I purchase "Micromax funbook" for INR 6500/- after reading lots of good reviews about it. It is a budget tablet. What I feel Android is having memory management issues. In this article this guy quoted "Android has made huge strides in recent months, but there’s still so much wrong with it.". I have the same feeling with my "Micromax funbook".  I can do my most of the activities but I missed a lot of them. Any way I am deviating from my topic let us come back to the point again.

I like the UI of WP8. The metro style is good interface, you can change the tile size. Ice on the cake is these are live. You can set these as per your desire, you can optimize you battery settings as well. I am informed from WP8 reviews its multitasking is a true multitasking like a Desktop operating system. Search and Maps are very good. In fact Nokia maps (on Lumia devices) are known for the best. 

This guy writes an interesting line; "What I found is that my perfect device would be a Nokia-made 8X." You must read to know the reason behind it. He conclude his experience, "If you’ve been considering a switch, I’d encourage you to give Windows Phone a try. It’s not just decent, it’s incredibly good. The more of us who are willing to take that risk, the more chances we’ll have to pull developers this way. The success of Windows Phone is, to put it bluntly, in the hands of the consumer. Microsoft has done its homework and provided us with a stellar OS experience. Now we just have to buy them.
As for me? I have to send back both of these WP8 devices soon. And I’ll miss them."

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